Canon EOS 7D MARK ii full review by Popular Photography and More

February 5, 2015
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Canon’s APS-C pro body gets an overhaul
In the five years since Canon introduced the EOS 7D, so much has changed in the world of cameras that we were wondering if we’d ever see an update to the company’s pro-level APS-C sensor body. But after a promising preview at Photokina last fall, the new EOS 7D Mark II finally landed in our hands for a comprehensive assessment in the Popular Photography Test Lab and in the field.

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Tech Talk

Retro Laser Reflector: This 22-inch light modifier is one of the few things that can lengthen and broaden strobe output across an 11-to 30-degree beam spread. The Retro Laser is similar to a beauty dish, except that light reflected off its shiny inner surface is hardened, not softened, which will add throw to your light source. According to the company, exposures of f/16 at 40 feet, ISO 100 are possible when it is paired with the Einstein E640.


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