EOTO Launches Spring 2015 Tour

EOTO Storms the Nation with “Outer Orbit” Spring Tour
EOTO will hit the ground running in 2015 with a spring tour that will crisscross the country including 13 theater dates and spring festival appearances. The dynamic duo is known best for their jaw-dropping live EDM/electro performances, which incorporate a multitude of live instruments for on-the-fly improvisational adventure.
Building each new musical theme from the ground up, EOTO doesn’t rely on a song catalog or set list to guide the show. There are no pre-recorded clips or background tracks selected. The project incorporates live keyboards, vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and a wealth of looping and live remixing techniques to build the music right before the audience. Forever a journey into sound, EOTO has pioneered a live production process that is unlike any other on the scene today.Performing since 2006, with well over 800 live dates under their belt, EOTO has had plenty of time to hone in on their unique sound, while remaining fluid in the musical architecture which has defined the EDM generation for the last nine years. The band has successfully traversed a number of genres including glitch, electro, downtempo, house music, dubstep, funk, and traditional techno, all the while staying true to their voice.

“Never a dull moment with EOTO. Watch them run through dubstep, trap, hip-hop, tribal trance, electro, and straight up punk–all live, all improvised, and all before you’ve had a chance to catch your breath.”
Anand Harsh, TheUntz
With another successful year ahead, there is no doubt that EOTO will continue to grow and morph musically — it is in fact, what this band does best.This tour is also accompanied with, both, customized laser programming and an award winning projection mapping production. EOTO will kick off their “Outer Orbit” Spring tour on March 12th and is slated for stops in Connecticut, Vermont, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and Wisconsin. For more information about EOTO and their spring tour, check out their official website at www.eotomusic.com


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