Goose Island Friday Night Concert Series

Jamie Rojo | Friday, June 10Every member of Jaime Rojo shares two very different qualities: a masterful command over their instrument, and the restraint to keep their playing powerfully minimalist. These songs merit multiple listens to appreciate the sheer density of interesting rhythms, riffs, and flourishes scattered throughout the tracks.
Robert Rolfe Feddersen | Friday, June 17Robert Rolfe Feddersen is a singer/songwriter from Chicago.  Robert’s songwriting style is very open, honest, reflective, humorous and topical.  Robert’s songwriting has been compared to early Springsteen/Steve Earle/Woody Guthrie and his live shows are entertaining, engaging and audience-inclusive.
The North 41 | Friday, June 24The North 41 is a dynamic blend of Rock, Funk, and Jazz, with the danceability of Pop music and sophisticated musicianship that keeps you hanging on every guitar solo, every drum solo, and every whaling keyboard lick.  The Chicago-based band has been winning fans all over the Midwest, and even as far as the Colorado Rockies, since 2014.
Cold Country | Friday, July 8Cold Country is the ever-immersing brainchild of songwriter and audio engineer Sean McConnell. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, McConnell ended his would-be college career in the late-aughts to pursue music, primarily as a recording studio engineer. Today he has assembled a rotating line-up of friends and local Chicago musicians, calling the project Cold Country, after a term his Minnesota-born father used to refer to the mid-west
Phil Angotti and Friends | Friday, July 15A longtime fixture of the Chicago power-pop community, singer/guitarist Phil Angotti tenured with acts including the Fleas and the Scuffle before joining with singer Jay Goeppner in 1987 to form the long-running Beatle Brothers. (He also served with Graham and Brad Elvis in the like-minded Not the Beatles.)
Dick Smith | Friday, July 22Dick Smith is 4 fellers from the fetid swamps of the Chicago regions. Individually they play with other bands, put out solo records, do the odd session job, and show up at the salt mine -usually on time. But when they join together, things get a bit…greezy. Tipsy.
Grood | Friday, July 29Grood is the original purveyor of Chicago strangefunk. Its creative, fresh, and vigorous, just like soap. Grood can do three things very well: one, they are always making new music and posting it to their sound cloud page, always free. Two, they work those songs into a 5 piece live band frenzy that sounds like a hot knife. Three, once a year they make the ACTual show, a living, jumping, colorful, theatrical version of Grood songs on stage, usually in December and almost definitely at their home court venue, Martyrs.
The Larkin & Moran Brothers | Friday, August 5The Larkin and Moran Brothers are an Irish/Celtic Band that started in 2002 when young Kevin Moran joined brother Terry and the Larkin Brothers; Dan, Mike and Joe, and altered their previous life as the Larkin Brothers and Terry Moran. They are widely considered as one of the most followed and sought after Irish/Celtic music band in the Midwest. Based in Chicago- Shay Clarke of the Irish American News has said that ‘The Larkin and Moran Brothers have a sense of fun and energy that is rare these days (in Irish music)…
Santah | Friday, August 12The group formed in Urbana, Illinois while attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Their debut album, White Noise Bed, was released independently on May 6, 2010 and nationally, via No Sleep Records, on June 7, 2011. Santah released You’re Still A Lover on October 16 and on vinyl through Chicago based Saki Records in November. They spent October touring the US and Canada with Savor Adore and Royal Canoe in support of their EP release, including multiple shows at CMJ
Greatest Lakes | Friday, August 19The Milwaukee-by-way-of Kenosha folk and indie rock hybrid got its start in 2010, and finally made its way into Rockford, Illinois-based Midwest Sound studio last year to record drums. Other instruments were then laid down in a variety of rooms between Milwaukee and Chicago. A Band Of Horses comparison would be apt, but only when excluding the album’s ever present atmospheric underbelly and the abundance of driving rhythmic accessories. Almost five years after the framework of some of these songs was first taking shape, Greatest Lakes has taken its time to unveil its delayed debut, and, in turn, has given Milwaukee one of its most satisfying front-to-back albums of the year.
Old Shoe | Friday, August 26Old Shoe is a five-piece Americana Roots Rock band based out of Chicago, Illinois. Made up of talented songwriters from across the country, hailing from as far away as Alaska, the band’s compositions paint a diverse landscape of American
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