Social Media Comes to Life at SXSW with #FEED The Meta Agency


TMA artists bring SXSW social media to life with interactive installation art.


All Installations are customizable for activation at future events.












Play a game of interactive magnetic words – VolvoxLabs’s Geometric Remix pulls the top 10 words from hashtags of your choosing and grants users the ability to rearrange words poetically on a 3D geometric installation, snap a photo and instantly upload to Flickr.



#TONES allows people to create music together using real time feeds from Twitter and computer vision to turn movement into music.  



PaintOut turns attendees into graffiti artists where the “paint” is light from an interactive spray can.




Social Snap is a moving mood board that captures hashtagged images. Users can influence this interactive projection mapped photo collage by tweeting certain hashtags at the geometric shaped wall mount.






The RING installation tracks retweets and reblogs of bands (or other topics) to visualize the moment people shift from casual explorer to super fan. Check to discover breakout and trending bands.



TMA Artists Glowing Pictures and VolvoxLabs provided their VJ services during all five nights of @NIGHT parties at #FEED. Creating live visuals for DJs such as Azari and III, Aeroplane, Teebs, and XXYYXX to just name a few, VolvoxLabs and Glowing Pictures added the extra element of immersive artwork to create the perfect party environments.



Through video production and experience design, Already Alive captured the stories of #FEED SXSW through his daily recap videos.



The Mobile Media Lab is #FEED’s official Instagram rockstar photography crew. MML formed in early 2012 when co-founders of NYC Instagram Community joined together to shape the way brands interact with influencers and their audiences on Instagram.

The Meta Agency

develops and manages the world’s leading visual, experiential, and interactive artists designing for events, brand activations and permanent installations.
We pair highly specialized creators with brand and business platforms to develop and build next level immersive experiences.
Our artists range from projection mappers to motion graphic designers, interactive Kinect wizards to 3D sound designers, experiential art directors to data feed installation developers and lots more.
We represent Talent Beyond.
The Meta Agency was founded by Justin Bolognino in 2010, and is the sister company of LEARNED EVOLUTION.

The Meta Agency
67 West Street # 412
Brooklyn, New York 11222718.388.8301


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