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Thanks to you, KFC is committing to this monumental breakthrough in rainforest conservation!


Rainforests are worth a lot more than greasy napkins and chicken buckets. And finally KFC is starting to agree.

Yum! Brands, the parent company of KFC, has officially released new policies that – if they stick – would prevent its restaurants from using throw-away paper packaging made from rainforest destruction. It is a huge shift that will affect almost 40,000 restaurants around the world.

This is a big deal for the 400 Sumatran tigers left in the Indonesian rainforest.

And this breakthrough is no coincidence. It was a result of your efforts. After Greenpeace showed that wood fiber from rainforest trees was ending up in chicken buckets, you and activists around the world spoke up, telling KFC and Yum! Brands executives that trashing tiger forests was not acceptable.

Thank you for lending your voice to the orangutans, Sumatran tigers and other species who call the Indonesian rainforest home. You made this change possible.

Only weeks ago I got to share with you that Asia Pulp & Paper, a major rainforest destroyer, had announced its commitment to end its deforestation. Now one of the world’s biggest fast food companies is taking another huge step forward to protect the world’s forests, making two big breakthroughs for the forest in this year alone. With this momentum, imagine what is possible in the years ahead.

Of course, we are watching Yum! Brands closely to ensure that it really honors the commitments it has made and fills in the details of its plan.

The company also has a long way to go to phase out palm oil, which is linked to rainforest destruction. Turning a blind eye to the problems with palm oil – from pushing orangutans to extinction in Indonesia to trashing rainforests and people’s rights in Africa – is not an option, especially when solutions to those problems are beginning to grow.

We will continue to push Yum! Brands and other fast food restaurants to do more to end their part in deforestation. And if there is one thing that 2013 has made clear, it’s that your emails, tweets, Facebook posts and donations can help make even the biggest corporations change their tune.

Thank you for all you made possible. Now let’s get back to work and do it again.

For the forests,

Rolf Skar
Greenpeace Forest Campaign Director

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