Learn from Fareed Haque!


Learn from Fareed Haque!

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It’s my 50th birthday this month. A good moment to reflect back on what has been, and prepare for whats to come!

What’s OUT:

– Touring ’til I drop, then driving all night to teach all day.

– Practicing late at night when everyone else is asleep, and getting no sleep myself.

– Shitty amps.

– Incompetent, disorganized record companies.

What’s IN:

– Taking some time to go fossil hunting with my children.

– Recording music I love: Mompou and Saint-saens here we go; New music with Tony Monaco. Finally releasing MathGames, Flat Earth Ensemble and Trio CDs. (see above re: incompetent, disorganized record companies).

– Playing jazz with my musical family.

– Finding time to play and record with musicians I love to play with, not just those who can pay my bills.

– Practicing and planning for events not just gigs. Shaping my own artistic destiny.

New bio.

New classical guitar page.

New upcoming gigs.


Start the New Year with New Fareed Haque TrueFire Courses!

Student Testimonials:

I just wanted to thank you for your Jazz Comping Survival Guide and sharing your knowledge with us. It’s nice to find one who teaches as well as they play, especially a world class musician such as yourself. You’ve helped dismantle the mystique surrounding playing jazz and improvisational music to where I no longer feel intimidated by it. Not only is the fear gone but I can actually enjoy it now. Again, thank you.


I’ve been working through your Jazz Comping Survival Guide for a little while now and I must say I really love it. It has demystified many of the things I hear my favourite players doing and is providing a logical framework that I’m sure will enable me to enrich my own playing a great deal — thanks very much!


Your videos are my absolute favorites! Your teaching style appeals to me in a way that no other videos or books have done. None of the concepts covered are completely new to me but the way in which they are presented removes the haze that has surrounded them for so long. Most importantly, the proof is in the pudding! I’m applying the lessons and seeing results!

Upcoming Gigs This Month:

January 17th – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI (MathGames!)

January 18th – Greenmill – Chicago, IL (Tony Monaco/Fareed Haque Trio featuring Mikaya McCraven)

January 19th – Greenmill – Chicago, IL (Tony Monaco/Fareed Haque Trio featuring Mikaya McCraven)

January 24th – Martyrs – Chicago, IL

January 25th – The House Cafe – DeKalb, IL

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